If We Get Lost

by Parting Ways

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Ric Peterson
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Ric Peterson Tight performance. Dope lyrics. Powerful Sound
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mookieananas Melodic Hardcore mixed with raw, throaty sing-a-longs at its' best Favorite track: Expectations (FT. Stu Ross).
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released June 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Parting Ways Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Undecided
It's safe to say, things are changing. What we had, is no longer what we have.
I know that if I asked you to stay that you would, but I'm not sure that's what we want. I'm scratching to close to these fresh wounds. Take it from me.
I've realized my happiness comes at the cost of your heartache. Having all these second thoughts of things in the past.
What's done is done, I know that, you know that. But we continue to dance the same dance. With our eyes never meeting.
Because we promised we'd never set our world a flame, again, after we had put out everything, that day.
can't help but wonder, Can't help but ask. Why the coals are still warm to the touch. If I'm already dead, what is this I'm feeling.( Let's call it healing x2
Just count down from 10, let's pretend it's that easy. It's just so hard to cross the finish line when that means letting us Fall apart and become insignificant.
I say 'we'll heal in time', as I look up at the broken clock on the wall. But even broken clocks are right twice a day. No end in sight, but we stand there and say
Wish I could say this is everything that I wanted but it's not, that's why I'm leaving.
Tomorrow's the day you leave my mind, tomorrow's the day I leave yours right.
I need to hear you say it. You need to say it.
Happiness is right here 2x (take it from me)
Track Name: Future Regrets
I've been watching as you struggle with your fears and falling into hopelessness. I've began to have fears of my own that you're about to things beyond control.
I know life takes it's tolls, thinking about the next step is overwhelming with no guidance only life's demandings.
Wake up, in this dream you are falling. And you know ya you know that it's wrong. Be prepared for the unexpected.
I've seen this before. I've seen what you have in store. I know you've seen it too. X2 Stop while you're ahead! X2
So many choices to make, as you pour yourself a drink. So many choices to make but your vision is fading.
Wake up, in this dream you are falling and you know ya you know that it's wrong. So be prepared for the unexpected! X2
Track Name: I Used To Care
Hide your face. This is how you should feel. This doesn't really matter. All these things You care about are just a faze.
Blow things up like its a big deal, when it really doesn't mean shit. You call it quits, before You even get started. You're a big deal, that's what you like to believe.
pretending that You're here to stay. Just to try and make me go away. Nothing better to do then be fake
I'd be better off to just ignore everything You say.. just a bunch of followers, following. At this rate this city will never see light of day.
Fight back, you just gonna stare as they take everything away
Fight back, what happened to you're passion, does this not mean everything
Just a bunch of followers, following
Track Name: Commitments (FT. Dylan Hossack)
You make giving up look so easy. Doesn't it hurt to know that all the things you've always wanted are gone.
Farther then they've ever been and there's no one to blame but yourself. At least you can say you tried. But it's clear you ran away when things got tough cause you're just not cut out for the things that you want.
Call me in twenty years and say you're sorry. When you realize that we had a shot at being happy. the original goal wasn't to leave defeated, but you've been carrying around that white flag as if raising it is what you've been wanting.
Everyone is watching as you bring everyone down. It might be better off for you to just leave instead of stick around. You don't have to say how you feel I can see it in your actions, stop acting so misleading, cause no one is behind you. We're all one step ahead of everything that you do.
And even still we patiently wait for your next move. I just hope you still have hope, cause I do. So far away from the things you want close the most. The things you want the most.
Call me in twenty years and say you're sorry. When you realize that we had a shot at being happy. the original goal wasn't to leave defeated, but you've been carrying around that white flag as if raising it is what you've been wanting
Is this what you wanted, is this what you've been wanting
Why fall asleep this early if we may never wake up again. You don't dream when your dead, and that's where you and I are heading. I'd rather try to make it out alive than spend eternity regretting.
Track Name: Last Note
I've got hopes, I've got dreams, I've got everything it seems. There's no point in feeling lonely, no point in over thinking. I have not once in my life at first chance said things right. There's no point in all this planning if there's no understanding.
How have I gotten by, by only begging. For so long now it seems the futures what I've been dreading. So here's to my hopes and being defeated. Mark this loss down as a success. Mark it down x4
There's no point in over thinking.
So use to saying sorry, I did it all for the glory. Now I've lost my purpose and the rest is history!
Why are we looked down on for looking up. Is it so wrong that something more is wanted. I want more x2
I'm sick of all this second guessing. I guess I just wanted to know what I'd be missing. It's hard to say that this is it. It's hard to say there's no regrets. I wouldn't change a thing x2
And when it's over I'll look back with pride and when it's over I'll know that I was alive. I'll know that I was alive!
There's no point in feeling lonely. There's no point in over thinking. I've had hopes, I've had dreams, I've had everything it seems. I want more x4
Track Name: Expectations (FT. Stu Ross)
It's not up to you it's not up to me. we're taking chances. Sacrifice everything, what will you get in return, we'll just have to wait and see.
You've been thinking a lot about thinking lately. All these things that you really should be doing.
You've made it pretty far, in this travel that's never ending. Seen more than many. But you're counting pennies.
You've got a list of goals with no other option than succeeding. You're expectations, that's you're problem. Or should I rename your problem fear, fears of what happens after this. What even is succeeding.
When will you be happy. 11 years and counting.
You have a fear of never arriving. Where is it you're even going. Why were you so set on leaving.
You've got yourself buried in dedications, in things you've wanted for so long you're not sure you'll ever find them .
a floating bottle with an important message and a expiry date, that may never reach shore. You think about it all so much because you still care about your dreams. You still care about our dreams.
High standards and expectations.
You've got a list of goals with no other option then succeeding. Is that your problem. 11 years and counting.
More lost in your own problems than you've ever been before. When everything that could make things better is right at your front door. Begging you to open up, asking you to remember. Just because you're lost right now doesn't mean you're gonna be lost forever. Begging you to open up. Asking you to remember.